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This 9-piece Afro-Funk noise bomb is fast becoming a household name in every European town who claims to know anything about a good party. Their live show can be a truly extraordinary experience for the audience who is ready to let go and surrender to the unstoppable force of the Groove, and people leave feeling they’ve run a marathon and had a spiritual awakening at the same time. The new album Humans, (with artwork by Ben Hito, renowned for his designs for Parliament/Funkadelic), is a collection of anthemic songs with socially conscious lyrics, set to bold brass lines and hypnotic danceable grooves. Humans encapsulates the raw energy generated during LAC’s live performances and combines this with newly evolved songwriting ability and refined musical prowess.

New album « HUMANS » (Release in October 2019)

London Afrobeat Orchestra – Live at Rock City [Nottingham]

London Afrobeat Orchestra – Documentary

London Afrobeat Collective – Power To The Women (Live at HOXA HQ)