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MARCELA - Photo de presse _ Tijana Pakic-Feterman WEB

Marcela expresses there her own history: the expression of an anger from time to time, the story of an orphan, a girl who decided to forgive her mom when she sings to her own kids this lullaby: Ando Suno.
Her « pack » is formed by Benny her guitar player, by Charles her soulmate composer, by Loran the experienced violinist and by Yoann the fearless double bassist. Marcela, happier than ever, shout her love on stage. Down with traditions and her own contradictions, free to make her very own choices, she carries inside her the insolence of those who knew pain, publicly fighting to transmit her will, strength and freedom values making the note resonate and crying without shame.

> New Album : O'Roma <
> Awarded @ "Prix des Musiques d'ICI 2022" <
> Highlights: Festival Nuits de la Roulotte, Cabaret Sauvage 
(w/ La Caravane Passe), Festival Gipsy Lyon,
 Festival Mawazine de Rabat <