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Kadi Diarra - African Music - Burkina

The great Kady Diarra comes back with her family to burn the boards with a 3rd incandescent album! In a shared celebration spirit, she offers us a compendium of humanity(ies) that plunges its roots in the heart of West Africa, between multiple cultures and globalised humanism.
Sweet trance concerts in which the commitments of this woman of a thousand faces and her incomparable sense of celebration read beyond this album four languages: the universal message carried by an extraordinary voice and personality… And musicians who are united to her energies!

> New Album: Burkina Hakili (2021) <
> Im Afro-Soul Gewand vermittelt KADY DIARRA auf « Burkina Hakili »(Lamastrock / Broken Silence) eine vielseitige Humanität, deren Quintessenz in dem neuen Album gefunden werden kann. Africa Live – 11.05.21 <
> Burkina Jakili ist ein Album, das in Text und Musik eine Brücke zwischen Herkunft und Hiersein zwischen Aussage und Groove, baut. Global Sounds – 11.08.21 <